Location Report


Hi All,

I was trying to extract a report about each location on a monthly basis, containing the following infromation:

Product Received Shipped
A 5 3

Is there s way to do it easiliy? I checked, but coudn’t find anything appropriate.


Hi defendulov,

If you go to Intelligence > Inventory Details Report You will be able to see
SKU, Product Name ,Variant ,Supplier ,Stock On Hand ,Committed, Available ,On Order

Hope this helped :)


It seems that you didn’t get what I was asking for.

I want to extract specific numbers per product, showing pieces received this month and pieces that left the warehouse this month in the very same report.


Hey Defenduluv - The way i track that stuff it the 3pl exporter - its an app in the app suite - you can download sales order reports - which has per piece information and PO reports which also has per piece information - and then i use that data in a complicated (but in my mind beautiful) set of spreadsheets to give me real data about each variant. - All that to say - it is somewhat ridiculous that we have to do this - but TG is really really weak on reporting. (Pst TG - if you just let us download csv files of lists generated by the sales and stock control section you would help our work flow immensely)

I hope that helps!