Invoicing Multiple Customers from the Same Business Customer




On TradeGecko, there is an option for multiple individuals from the same Business Customer to make sales orders.

It would be a nice option if there a way we can bill all of those multiple individuals in one invoice, say if we’re invoicing them at the end of the month/week.

If so, the one invoice would have a breakdown of the separate orders by individual as well, so a Business Customer can also track the purchasing patterns of individuals within their company.



Hey Pumudu!

I believe you are referring to orders received from our B2B E-commerce store? I agree, it would be nice to have a large invoice that can be broken down based on individuals within a company.

An alternative of course is to run a Sales Report based on Company at the end of each month so as your Business Customer can track their purchasing pattern.

For yourself, how have you been tracking orders made by individuals within a company?


Hi Nur,

Yes, that was what I was referring to. You got it!

I agree, the report from Intelligence can give that information as well, but from what I understood, it won’t show the breakdown by individuals, but the company as a whole. Our business aims to identify purchase patterns of individuals, which will allow a client to reduce wastage and cut down on losses. So, while a breakdown on individuals isn’t very important for us, we hoped this would be a benefit to our clients.

We have not gone live yet, so we’ve not been tracking orders yet. We’ve just been running tests, and trying to think of ideas.