Invoice by email Logic



Invoice by email has to be made more intuitive.
Two issues:

  1. When we add “Billing” and “Shipping” address it doesn’t affect the "Email new invoice to order recipient"option
    That doesn’t make sense in a day to day business and need to be correct (together with a fixed “billing” and “shipping” drop down option to avoid mistyping). When selecting “send email” the system should pick the “billing” adress email (which normally differs from the company email).

  2. Make it possible to select the preferred invoice option for each customer
    Make a check box, or drop down menu, to select what invoice option the customer demand; email, mail, EDI etc. to avoid mistakes.

  3. Add an icon in the Invoicing pop up window which define what invoice option the customer demand
    Since the “Email new invoice to order recipient” option, with PDF attachment, only work for the Business Premium plan it’s important to make it more intuitive to separate which email need to be sent by email and which to be sent by mail.

Why is this feature important?
It will avoid human errors, and dissatisfied customers.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
Make life easy for our customers, for those who invoice, and for customer service.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
Bad reputation, disaffected customers, and sending two invoices for one order, etc

PDF File attachment for invoices