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Hi there,

We need to be able to create a report and filter by product attributes. In our case its ‘Size’. We sell tiles in different sizes and we need to be able to analyze how many S, M and L tiles are being sold. Its the core of our business and we need the intelligence to make important business decisions.



Hi Laura,

Thanks for sharing with us why having this feature in Intelligence is important for your business.

Currently in Intelligence you can run reports on Variant Names but not Variant options or attributes such as Size. However I do believe a custom template under our 3PL Exporter plug-in will be able to address your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Success Manager to have further discussions on this!



+1 We need this too.

There needs to be a lot more options for filtering, like Zip Code, Ship Date, Order Number.
In my opinion, the suggested 3PL Exporter option is a temporary workaround until the Intelligence is built more.

Please build up the Intelligence Reporting!

Thank you!