Integrating FBA


Right now Tradegecko does not integrate with FBA. It’s created an unexpected wrinkle in our inventory management – we’ve createed a workaround where we have a “location” called Amazon and we move our FBA inventory there, then update the sales numbers bi-weekly.

Obviously, I’d like to see this automated via integration and I truly hope Tradegecko’s team is prioritizing this, as FBA is a pretty glaring ommission to the product in my opinion. I’m wondering, though, if anyone else has a more elegant workaround than ours.


Hi @jason

Thanks for writing in. We are aware that this is one of the big ways in which we need to improve shipping. Integrating FBA is in the product pipeline and we will keep you in the loop when this becomes available. For now, your current workaround would be the best way to handle FBA on TradeGecko.