Integrated POS


Hi, we’ve been using TradeGecko for a few months now, however we have had a major problem finding a good POS solution. Currently we use Square integrated with WooCommerce, although that integration is not very good, and we’ve been running into constant problems.

What we really want is a POS that integrates with TradeGecko so Tradegecko can be the centre of the business. Currently the situation is very very problematic and we just want to know what solutions there are, or how long til Tradegecko get’s a solution. Whether that be a TradeGecko POS, or just an integration with Square POS or something similar.


Hi there,

Thanks a lot for reaching out to us!

At the moment building an in-app POS solution is not in our short-term Product roadmap. But that being said there are definitely other possibilities that can help address your needs. As such the best person to have a chat about this is your Success Manager. So please do reach out to your Success Manager at today to further discuss on this.



Hi Alamaa,

Have you considered using Shopify both for your eCommerce + POS? There are some limitations depending on how this is setup that needs to be taken into consideration, however, we have been impressed with TradeGecko’s integration with this platform. It will certainly iron out some of the issues you are experiencing. We have a number of retail clients that use both systems with great feedback.