Improve Reports: Cold Customers


Description: I asked about this quite some time ago and never heard back from anyone. There are quite a few simple reports which aren’t available and would be incredibly useful to have. One in particular would be to get a list of customers who haven’t ordered for a specified amount of time.
Why is this feature important?It would allow us to increase sales by re-engaging these cold customers.
If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business? We will have no easy way to see where/when our customers are dropping off.


Agree. Intelligence are missing a lot of basic functionality which has been requested by many.


+1 this. Currently we have to do an export of sales orders, and create an excel pivot table to sort by account, by latest order. This is a time consuming workaround which can easily be addressed with internal reporting.


Contacted TG today asking for an update on this.


Hi Bee, Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate that this is an important feature for you, however it is not on our short-term roadmap to develop CRM function at this time. We’ll update this post when there are changes to this feature!


Hi Danny

Thanks for getting back to me. It is just frustrating as this is such a standard report and I don’t feel like I’m asking for anything out of the ordinary. I’m pretty sure you could ask anyone and they would tell you that this would be a helpful feature. Every other CRM/stock system I’ve ever used has had this report as standard.


Danny, do you really consider this as “CRM functionality”?
What bee is asking for is a report with a few extra variables.
If searching for customers “with” or “without” “turnover” “before” or “after” or “equal to” a “specific time” is CRM functionality, then will running one of the other customer related reports be CRM functionality as well, or am I missing something…?


Any update on this?

As Cje mentioned - this really is a very basic report which is fairly standard across other similar software.


Hi @bee, not at the moment. I’d like to share our current roadmap for TradeGecko Intelligence with you and get your thoughts on the development work we have prioritized.

If you would like to gain access, do fill out this form: