HS Code and Country of origin on EU invoices - URGENT Feature request



World Government is making our life a little bit more complicated again.
From 2017 its mandatory to include The Harmonized Product Description and Coding System (HS Code) and Country of origin for each product on invoices (depending on the size of the business, though).
To make it easy to update and maintain TG need to add these two fields for each product, and display them under each item on the invoice.
Pls make this update as soon as possible as it is insane time consuming to do this manually.
Adding all this information to the product name will make it hard to maintain and make the invoice messy to read for the customer.

Why is this feature important?
It’s the new law.
It’s time consuming to do it manually.
It messes up our invoice to add it to the product text.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
Follow the law.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
We brake the law.
We make our invoices subject to mistakes which again will affect our customers
We use expensive work hours to do things manually which could have been implemented automatically.
The product name will be messy, and hard and time consuming to maintain.


Hi @Cje,

Thank you for your feature request.

To understand this feature request better, where do you currently put this HS code and Country of Origin data in TradeGecko (in cases when this is not merged into your product name)? Or if this data is not in TradeGecko yet, would putting this data in a custom attributes and having the option to show this custom attribute in your invoice PDF suffice the requirement from the government?

Looking forward to your response


Hi @gherry

Since it’s not possible to add any tex field between the order lines the only possibility is to manually add this information in the “Add a note” field, below each item.
So, no; we have not registered this information in TG yet.

Yes, it should be enough to add this feature in the “add a note”. But, as stated in my initial post, you have to make it easy to manage so you should add a field for the HS Code and one for the Country of Origin. These fields could be displayed under each item on orders which are subject to this information.


Hi @gherry

I wanted to reiterate that the above would be very useful for our company also. We have additional requirements to the above for custom field attributes on the sales invoice (e.g. VAT# for Intra EU supply under the FTA) and also the packing list and shipping label often have requirements outside the standard format. If the functionality could be spread across these documents to allow custom fields it would be very beneficial.


This is super useful for my company as well! Please implement an HS codes and Country of Origin as an option for products!


Agree, we also need this.

If they were attributes that you could enter against each product that would be ideal.

Then as far as where they can be used, we would need:

  • Purchase order (for inbound shipments)
  • Invoice (for international shipments to customers)
  • Shipping Labels (to import into our freight carrier systems etc)

lets hope this can be added easily


We have highlighted this request previously also. It would be very useful.


Hi, this is very important for us as well.

Thank you


Support for HS codes and Countries of Origin has been released.

All major operations are supported:

  • variant update and creation: manual & via CSV upload,
  • HS code and Country of Origin sync with Shopify,
  • Display of HS codes & Countries of Origin on all relevant documents.

Note: When updating or creating variants via CSV, Country of Origin must be in ISO Alpha 2 Country Code format.

Knowledge Base documentation is pending.