How do I import my existing product catalog into TradeGecko?


Im thinking of signing up with TG but wondering if it’s possible to upload my existing inventory. Is it a manual product by product upload or how?


Hi marcopolo78910,

Great to see your interest in TradeGecko. You do not need to manually enter your products one by one. We have an easy bulk upload function via CSV which you can upload them in one GO. Or even better if you have any integration with Sales Channel such as (Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce) you can actually import all of your products and their information with click of a button! We have 14 day free trial period, so why don’t you give TradeGecko a try :slight_smile:



Just as a suggestion you should really improve the CSV table, because it is hard to use, the description is not very convenient and the only way to use it is to make at least 5-6 test tables and import them to test how everything works.


Hi Defendulov

Thanks for your feedback - we are constantly looking for ways to improve TradeGecko and that includes our process of importing data.
We’ll be sure to update and share when these enhancements are made!