How can my clients pay the invoices?


I’m currently trying out TG to see if it is something I can work with. When I create invoices and for example set payment to credit card or PayPal, on the invoice there is no way to actually pay. How does that work? Where do I enter my payment credentials? How do I get payed?


Hi donsanto,
Welcome to TradeGecko! To get your customers to pay on the invoice, you can include your payment details such as Paypal link or Bank account information on the email or PDF document. In terms of B2B portal, we currently have beta version for your B2B customers to pay directly if you have Stripe account which we can enable from our back end.
Email: Settings > Custom Templates
PDF document: Settings > Identity & Branding


Thanks Danny,

I can’t find anyway to activate this. Do I have to upgrade to see it? I’m currently on a trial account and not being able to pay with credit card is a deal breaker for me. Therefore it would be great if it could be tested. If you can activate it on this account, could you please be more specific how it is activated?



Hi Patrik,

I will inform the team and we will get in touch with you shortly :)


Thanks Danny for your prompt replay :+1:


Hi Danny,

I would also like to have the payment option enabled in TG. Can you activate on my account as well?



Hi Andrew,
I will notify your success manager to get in touch with you in regards to activating payment option on your account :)


Hi Andrew,

B2B payment option has been enabled on your account!



Is it possible to try this, this is my primary concern with moving to your platform.