Handling Shopify giftcard + payment categorization


Hi !

Our customer is planning to use TradeGecko intelligence to extract a lot of business information. However, we realized that it lacks some basic stuff, and some are actually blocking which reports the wrong numbers, which is a bit embarassing.

Gift card handling

This one is currently very problematic, and it seems to lie in the way different countries handle that.

In France, when a gift card is bought, it should incur a revenue. This seems to work properly: buying a gift card online of 10€ indeed reports the sales volume to 10€ in TradeGecko.

However, when the gift card is used, it should not add any revenue at this step. Unfortunately, here is how Shopify handles this:

  1. Gift card of 10€ is bought, Shopify reports “paid by customer: 10€”, and TradeGecko reports 10€
  2. Another order is placed of 60€. 10€ is paid using the gift card, remaining 50€ by credit card. Shopify reports “paid by customer: 60€”, and two payments are created on TradeGecko: one of 10€ (gift card) and one of 50€ (credit card).

At the end, the intelligence tool reports that the sales volume is 70€, but actually, it should be 60€ (10€ when the gift card was bought, and 50€ of additional payment).

From what I’ve understood, some countries like Canada use a “liability” (I’m not an expert), but this is not how things are handled here in France.

I’ve tried various alternatives, such as trying to do a refund of the amount paid in the gift card in TradeGecko (using undocumented API), but the issue is that the order ends up as partially paid on TradeGecko and, despite the refund, it seems the intelligence does not substract the refunds from the sales volume (which is another issue I’m having).

Ideally, we should have a way for TradeGecko to ignore payments made by gift card, and adds a line item such as “Payment by gift gard” with a negative amount.

Categorizing payments

Secondly, they’d be able to categorize the payments. I’ve inspected the payment payload from TradeGecko and it’s indeed very basic. A lot of channel like Shopify indeed returns the type of payment (credit card, cash, gift card…). It would be awesome if the payment payload would have a “type”, and that this would be usable in the Intelligence to segregate by payment type.