Guest Blog By GorillaLab: Product Bundling - How to increase sales


@gorillalab Bryce and Camila are Shopify and TradeGecko experts. They work with their Shopify clients to implement inventory management software. In this guest post, they share their tips on how product and price bundling can help retailers to sell more.

What is product bundling?
Product bundling is when you offer several items as a combined product. It is also referred to as discount combos, sets or kits. For business owners, bundling products offer you a great opportunity to sell more, and here are three reasons why:

1. Upsell
Price bundling gives you the opportunity to offer discount combos to your customers featuring additional products. You’ll be able to encourage customers who were on the fence about adding another item to their shopping cart to buy more. For example, if they buy a bundle of three items instead of just one, they’ll be able to enjoy a better deal.

You’ll be able to increase your order value easily, and offering customers good value for money is often the best incentive to get them spending. Another benefit of offering a package deal is that you’re encouraging customers to try new features or items that they may otherwise ignore.

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