Feature Request: Identify Duplicates in Products/Variants



Description:We would like a way to quickly identify duplicate entries for Products and Variants

Why is this feature important? Somehow, when importing our product/variant lists, some items that were flagged as “errors” in our original upload, somehow still came through so once the errors were created, multiple items now have duplicate items. We would love a way to identify these items to ensure we’ve only got one of each product/variant.

Please describe how you would use this feature: It would be great to find a simple “search for duplicates” button, when in the Products or Variants tab. That way, we can identify if these are actual duplicates or simply mis-named to appear as duplicates so we know what we would delete or simply better specify.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?: It simply makes TG inefficient and not as accurate for reporting and inventory purposes on a very basic level. It makes inventory stocktakes potentially inaccurate. It makes invoicing and reordering potentially inaccurate. It really is a problem that affects every aspect of the software, if unnoticed and uncorrected. It makes the process of identifying and eliminating true duplicates a truly tedious and potentially dangerous situation.


Hey @larry,

I can definitely see how this will benefit users who are dealing with duplicated products. I’d love to find out in greater detail on the steps that you took to upload your products, just for us to get a better understanding on how some products were able to be successfully uploaded despite the initial error messages.

One of the ways that you can conduct a simple search for duplicates would be to download your existing products, open it in Excel/Google sheets and click on the “Find Duplicate Values” function. This will flag down all duplicated SKUs and its first occurrence in the sheet.