Enchange method of adding variants to orders




We would love for you to overhaul or enhance the way variants are added to orders, stock transfers, purchase orders etc.

The way it works now, you need to search and add variant by variant. On nearly all of our orders we are adding more than one variant of the same product. It would be a lot more efficient if we had an interface where you could first find the product you want to add, and then select the variant(s) and quantities you would like to add of that product.

I’m sure this is the same for most users of tradegecko, as in B2B trade you usually need to add several variants of the same products to an order. For a long time we have been using a work-around with CSV imports to speed up the process of generating orders, however this would not be necessary if tradegecko had a quicker method for adding multiple variants from the same product.

I hope this is something you can look into, as it would save us a lot of time and work in our daily use of tradegecko!


Good suggestion!