Email Notification on Low Stock of Sku


Requesting this feature. Even better would be low stock triggering automatic purchase order creation to the suppliers.


I fund out some time ago that even when we set up low level number for top sellers we never got any notification about it. It seems it doesn’t work or it works in the way which we don’t know :-)

Later on we got notification about new partner service “Inventory Planner” seems good service but $100 USD per month just to notify you about low level of certain stock it’s too much in our case.


Hello to you both!

A notification for low stock is certainly useful for a number of use cases. Thank you for both providing your feedback! Have you tried using the reorder report in our new Intelligence Beta? You can access it from this link,, provided that you have set reorder points for your variants.

From the report, you will also be able to create purchase orders for the appropriate suppliers.

We have no immediate plans to add low stock notifications, however I hope the report helps solve some of your pain points for the time being.



from a user perspective, i will prefer TG to prompt me then having to run a reorder point report to check on those inventory running low.


I desperatley need this feature and had been having an email conversation with Danny at TG about it. I currently use the Re-order report feature however it is not efficient and actually requires a lot of manipulation in excel to get a report that I can send to the warehouse staff to be able to check the stock. The process I currently use is:

a) Run an Inventory Report (through the Intelligence section on TG) across our 3 main warehouses ( let’s call them A – our main warehouse, B & C)
b) If stock of a particular item is available in warehouses B & C but is low in A, I do a stock transfer from B &/or C to A.
c) Run a Re-order Report on warehouse A for the various suppliers then combine all of these reports into 1 spreadsheet – as it is a Re-order Report (based on suppliers), not a Low Stock report which would hopefully not been restricted to 1 report per supplier.
d) I then export a Location Stock Location Data for Oobi report on warehouse A to get Bin/Picking locations
e) Perform a V-look up in excel on the Re-order Report that I have created from the various suppliers, to create a report that has the low stock as well as location information for the warehouse staff to confirm stock levels.
f) Create stock adjustments (by CSV import) that may be necessary and then adjust the Re-order point triggers (By CSV import) so that the same products do not appear on the next re-order report.
I perform this at least twice a week and every day during sale periods.

Having a low stock warning/notification would be great as the guys in the warehouse could also see/receive it and check the stock levels immediately.
Also we very rarely re-order a product (I have been working at Oobi for 3 years and we release 150 – 200 products (600 – 800 SKUs) per season (summer/winter) and in all of that time we have reordered 3 products.


Hello TradeGecko development team. We would love to see this feature also. A simple auto-generated email from TG to an email address set in “settings” when stock gets below the reorder point would work for us. Thanks!


Would love to be able to get email notifications when inventory is running low so that we can react quickly. It’s great that you have a reorder point option, but not having it alert when it’s reached is not as helpful as with an alert.

And being able to notify more than one person via email is helpful too.


Here here! We definitely need this email notification on low stock SKU too. There is too much manual manipulation and delays on using the re-order point report when you work with several sales channel


Hi @kitty, @karina, @kyle, @stevan, @ivy.heng, @3blled, @goldenriverkp, we are looking to work on intelligence starting 2018 and are starting to reach out to customers.

Low stock notifications is one of the things that could be on our roadmap.
If there is any new feedback you would like to give, you can help to fill out this form ( and I will be in touch!


The issue has not been solved. My company very rarely re-orders a product/sku

I need a function that will notify me when a product reaches a certain level so that the warehouse staff are able to confirm that the available stock in the warehouse matches the available stock in TG so that we avoid oversolds and disapointiung our customers.