Duplication of Products


we run a textile decoration business and a lot of our products are basically duplicates of an existing Base (= undecorated) Product. while TG allows the duplication of variants, it does not allow the duplication of entire products (incl. their composite variants, etc.). at the moment we have to duplicate that product in shopify and then re-create all variants over again, so they can be composite variants.

this feature would be the single most time saving feature for us i can think of in TG.

alternative workaround: possibility to convert “normal” variants into composite variants in TG. in this case however all other info, like supplier, buy-prices, etc. has to be punched in again for these products…

Add Composite Variants clone capability

Hi @make-limited,

Thank you for the feedback. While we appreciate that this would be a real time saver for you, it’s a fairly low demand request so it’s something we won’t be tackling in the near future.

Would you mind describing how you currently perform this operation in TradeGecko and how often you find yourself doing this?


hi graham, thanks for your reply! totally understand your priorities of course. for us the lack of this feature (in combination with using TG’s composite variants) actually slows down our potential business growth significantly. it’s pretty much the only reason why i keep scanning the inventory app market from time to time for another solution than TG that would allow us this feature.

we decorate textiles on demand, so we have a lot of products that are based on a blank “mother” products with only slight differences. for example: the mother product is a blank black tshirt. we than have - let’s say - 20 different designs that we offer to our customers that we would print on demand on this black shirt. these 20 designs are build in TG as composited products based on the blank black mother-shirt + the artwork needed. this is where composition products are a blessing: we update stock levels on the mother product and all of the 20 spin offs get updates/available in that process.

since we cannot take one already created composited black shirt, duplicate it in TG and then only switch one linked composition part (= design element), this is our current workaround using shopify:

we duplicate that composited product in shopify, which creates a new product in shopify & TG
while duplicating it, we change the names, tags according to our needs
we then copy all the info from each variant of this product (variant’s name, sku, barcode, price, weight)
we then create composite variants in TG on top of the already existing variants; so basically we create duplicate, but composited variants for this product linking to the blank mother product and the artwork
we then delete the original (non-compositon) variants from that product and push the composited variants to shopify again

use case for non-composition products:
we have an existing product in TG and shopify with buy-prices, linked-supplier, etc. if we need a duplicate (in another color for example), this is how we do it:

duplicate product in shopify
batch change tags, sku, barcode, supplier in shopify or TG
manually copy all of TG’s extra info for that product to each variant in TG, like the buy-price

like i wrote. TG allows for extra info on products like buy prices, stock rules, suplliers, etc. i don’t know about the other sales channels, but i’d say most of these useful extra info won’t be synced with the other sales channels. so the lack of being able to duplicate entire products within TG forces us to duplicate products externally, which results in extra info lost that we have to add manually again…

regarding composited products: if it was only easier to convert a normal variant into a composited one without having to create entirely new variants… that would solve our problem already. we could keep duplicating externally, go into TG, activate compositions for those variants and link the products accordingly. done…

hope this helps! thanks for your reply


Hi @make-limited,

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly explain this scenario to us. I genuinely appreciate that your workaround is a painful operation. Unfortunately I don’t see it finding its way onto our broader roadmap in the near future.


hi graham, thanks for your kind and honest feedback.
sorry to hear that this will keep itching us.

is there any chances of a quicker way to convert normal products into composited products? many other inventory solutions i looked at allow doing this without having to create completely new variants. cheers!


I also have the same request. In the essential oil industry most of our products have the same/similar variants which I have to recreate from scratch every time I add a new product. It couldn’t be that hard for you guys to add a “Make Copy & Edit” button, would it?


Hello - we also have the same request, for the exact same reasons.


We are also looking to duplicate products as each item we upload to our shopify store is one-of-a-kind. When will this feature be added?