Drop Shipping


Description: Improve ability to manage drop shipping through trade gecko.

Work around - When creating a back order (in order to drop ship a product) provide the option to use the customer’s shipping address as the shipping address for the PO

Feature - Provide option to drop ship from the orders management tab which creates a PO for that item(s) with the customer shipping adfress populated as the shipping address for the PO. Also mark (e.g. Tag or status) as a drop ship PO to distinguish from PO’s anticipated at Stock locations. Could
Why is this feature important?: Simplifies Drop shipping and avoids confusion with supplier and staff as to destination of PO shipping.
Please describe how you would use this feature: to administer drop shipping
If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business? Impacts the administration efficience and usefulness of tradegecko.


Yes, this is a much needed feature. I have been informing TG of this request for 12 months. Hopefully it will be a feature very soon. Currently, any kind of work-around is very, very cumbersome.


Hey Henri,

Thank you for the detailed and valuable feedback. While this is not currently on our short term roadmap, we will make sure to update you if there are any changes with regards to this functionality. Thank you.


Yes, without support for drop shipping, we will most likely cancel our subscription. We love the functionality of TG but it would be counter-intuitive to have to do different order types in two separate programs. If there is ever a beta or test group for this, we would love to be a part of it.