Does TradeGecko identify and mark the payment methods from Shopify?


Currently using Paypal and Stripe on Shopify, and want this to push to 2 separate bank accounts on Xero. Does TradeGecko recognise the payment method from Shopify and push this to Xero appropriately?


Hi Lolita,

Yes it does. You will need to setup the relevant payment methods and Xero account mapping in TradeGecko but once you have done this the payment types will flow through nicely to Xero. Are you using the Stripe powered Shopify payment gateway or Stripe by itself?


Thanks @gorillalab! I use Stripe powered by Shopify. Is there a difference?


Great. That makes it fairly easy then. If you’re using Shopify payments then all you need to do is setup a payment method called “shopify_payments” with the underscore and also the Xero mapping, There are other payment methods that you may want to set up as well such as PayPal, Bank Transfers depending on the payment methods you would like to accept. Hope this helps. B