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We’d really like to be able to manage product images at the product level instead of variant level. In other words, we’d like to be able to upload one image for a product and have it automatically assign to all variants of that product.

Why is this feature important?
We waste a lot of time manually uploading and updating the exact same image to every variant for a given product. It’s worth it to us to waste this time because the in-app product thumbnails and the images displayed on Sales Forms make it a lot easier to navigate TradeGecko and communicate with customers.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
We’d use it to manage the image displayed for every one of our products which doesn’t require visual distinction at the variant level.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
We’ll continue wasting time clicking around the variant pages whenever we upload or update a product image.

Product Images Handled by Parent Product Not Variant

Agree with Brian. As much fun as it is to update hundreds of individual variants with the same image, it would obviously be preferable to have some global settings at the product level.

Along the same lines, an overhaul to how TG handles images would make using the B2B Store more intuitive and would bring it in line with other eCommerce competitors.


I agree with Brian too.
But maybe it should be possible to tag which variant the uploaded image should be linked to as, in our case, we have both sizes and colours as variant options. Where sizes should have the same image but colours a different.


Very Valid Suggestion.
Hope we can see these recommendations implemented soon as Images are vital for our business too.


Is anyone using Brandboom?

We just started and they have the BEST image uploading tool.

Aside from allowing you to bulk upload your images to a general image container associated with the account, they have an algorithm that automatically attempts to assign images to products based on filename / product id matches.


Hi, in our case there is no problem to assign certain image to VARIANT NAME (we got 600 active SKU about) but It would be excellent if there is an option to make default image (from all of VARIANTS) and chose one image which representing PRODUCT NAME and appearing as default. By this way we could have proper image on B2B platform then customer can see various colours in our offer instead of watching all of amber colour products which alphabetically always appear as first image from all of products. You know it’s boring offer if customer just see whole entire collection in one colour, and in out product category is important to show all of available great colours.


Looks like they recently made the image uploader slightly less usable than before…

Not sure what’s going on…



As a quick fix, is it possible to remove image thumbnails from Sales Orders, Invoices, etc?

The current image management experience is wholly unsustainable and I’d rather throw in the towel for now. The only issue is that our Sales Forms and Invoices look like crap…

We also use the Sale Forms as pick lists and the inconsistent images are distracting, which increases our error rate.