Data changes are not shown until page refresh


Whenever we do something that affects our inventory, the actual changes are not reflected anywhere else in the app until the webpage is refreshed, which takes about 2 seconds.

Why is this feature important?
This is not a good experience and it increases the risk of human error. When I create a new Sales Order, I expect the impact on Inventory to be shown immediately, without me having to refresh the page. Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy because our numbers make no sense at all, and then I realize I forgot to refresh the page.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
I would stop refreshing the page constantly.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
Our days will continue to be filled with 2-second breaks staring at the screen below…


I second this request. This is definitely one of the more aggravating limitations of TradeGecko’s technology. Why am I “Logging In” each time I refresh TG?


Third this request. This is amateur hour coding and we’ve brought it up many many times only to be told it doesn’t bother anyone else.


+1, not to mention the hassle when multiple users work in the same time.


+1 - this is particularly frustrating when we have multiple users working off the same data.


Thanks for the responses @andrew @ryan @ryanmeehan @defendulov

Couldn’t agree more on the multiple user aspect.

My business partner and I were scratching our heads 24/7 for the first few weeks of using TradeGecko until we began to accept the reality that every page view requires a full refresh and “re-login”.


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to update you all on this. To be clear, we currently support real-time updating on stock levels but we are looking at adding auto-updating between multiple users / tabs without the need to reload pages this quarter, it’s not a small technical task,

Will make sure we update this thread as we roll out the improvements,




@Cameron Awesome. Look forward to that. Thanks!


Hi !

Unfortuantely I cant’ really say you support real-time updating on stock levels (or any other resources, actually). Even without going into the multiple tab issue, even with a single user, single tab, I end up refreshing the page all the time. Whenever something changes (a new order comes, a customer with a new address has placed an order…) navigating between the UI never update.

I can see that you guys are using EmberJS, which is awesome, but it seems you’re being way too aggressive in the way you cache things. If you enter into the “Orders” page, it loads the orders once. Then, navigating into other parts of the app, and then going back to the Orders, you do not do any new API calls, and instead re-use the orders that you may have loaded minutes ago, so obviously this is going into out of sync.

I understand that it will likely increase the number of API calls you’ll do, but please make sure that going into a page reload the data from the source of truth (your API). I know you are using both EmberJS and Ember-Data, I’m a big fan of those two libraries, and I know how easy it is to force refresh the models…



I support this as well. This is so annoying that we never do back order and sometimes we just over sold our products and our sales manager just goes mad.


Same here… It is extremely annoying.


Hi @michael1,

Thank you for your comment.

You are correct in recognizing that we are using EmberJS and Ember Data. We have been hearing feedback about stale data on the frontend and we are currently working to address the problem (by updating the clients through websocket connection).

I will update this thread when this change is live.



Hi Cameron

I cannot see the real-time updating on stock levels. The reason I said this is that eveytime, sales rep has to manual sync the mobile app to get the real-time stocks. And having say that, we cannot afford to keep sync the app in front of our customers. This is so embarrassing. Also, if you have more than 1 sale rep. like if we have 2, or more sales rep, our people have to manually sync the apps all the time to get the real-time stock level. And our company don;t do back orders.

You shall really work on Real-time on stock levels and also, auto-updating.
Refresh every single page should not be the final solution.


Hey @921388122, I understand that you are looking into having real-time as well as automatic updates on stock levels. The team is aware of such requests and we do absolutely understand how the lack of real-time updates is causing inconvenience on your frond end. Rest assured, the team is working on addressing the problem and once there are any updates, we will be reaching out to you!