CVS product update



Is there a way to use the “basic” or “advanced” excel file (which can be downloaded as a new product template) to update my products and variants, instead of downloading the absolutely useless CSV list of products that TG generates (at the updater existing products button)? I mean that the new product tables at the moment have a relatively good design and are OK to work with.

It will be great if you can help me with this matter, it will save me loads of time and effort, because otherwise I will have to create every single variant manually…


Hi Defendulov,

We are happy to hear that you have found the new import templates more user friendly! You cannot use the new import templates to update your products or variants, but we hope to deliver an improved version of the update products template in the near future.

Meanwhile, I have escalated this issue to our technical support team. They will be in touch shortly to help you, regarding the manual creation of variants. We will keep you informed when improvements have been made to the update products template!


Hi Defendulov,

My team is working on the CSV importer at the moment and we would love to ask you more questions on how we can improve it. Would you be interested in having a chat over Skype?


I am interested to chat, but probably on WhatsApp, email, will check if my Skype for business works.


Hi Lucas,

It seems that my Skype for Business works. The email is:

Best Regards,


Alright, I’ll email you to set up a time.