Customised fields


As most businesses are in need of different information to have control and run the business TG should make customised fields, for both relationships and products, available, sortable and reportable.


I completely agree, custom fields would be of massive benefit.
For example, we have a lot of Branch customers - one Company with 30 Store Shipping addresses. When trying to integrate this with Xero - it becomes a nightmare. The company receives 30 different statements and the Rep’s commissions are wrong. If we could make one company and the ability to attach Asignees to the shipping addresses this would make calculating commissions so much easier and less manual. And many other areas, custom fields would be a godsend.


Same issue for us; we have huge problems calculating correct commission. But, even with reportable custom fields the commission will still be an issue due to which date TG is using for the reports. I’ve made another feature request for reporting correct numbers. You may up vote it here: