Customise Document Templates


We need to be able to customise existing document templates (as invoice), as email templates are editable.

There are some small issues which makes it not suitable for our market (ex. position of zip code). By making it editable we can solve this and other small issues.


Hi Cje,

We are currently working to improve our document experience. I’ll be sure to pass on your feedback to our Product team. Have a great week ahead!



Hi @Neeta,

Is there any news on the advancement of this feature?

Last week when I logged in to the Tradegecko dashboard and opened an invoice, I saw a notification saying the document viewer was updating with new document editing features in a week. But, I still can’t find any ways to edit the Invoice template (and other document templates).

The only customisation option I see is the “Invoice Terms” field in Settings > Identity & Branding > {My Brand}, under Document Settings > Invoice. That doesn’t fulfil our needs though, as we need to add logic and coditions to adapt the invoice based on our client and its address (like currently possible for emails only, in Settings > Custom Templates).

Will the templates used to generate documents be editable soon? Is that feature going to be available for all Tradegecko users, or restricted to those running on upper plans only? Thank you for your answers!