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I am wondering if there is a way to create/add “customer types” beyond the default “Business” and “Consumer”? It seems that we should be able to change this nomenclature and/or add custom types. This would be very helpful for us, particularly in reporting on sales by customer type. Thanks!


Hey Marc,

Thanks for the request - I’ve actually moved this to the feature request category.

Our CRM is definitely something we’re looking to improve, it’s not schedule on the roadmap right now but will update you as soon as we build this functionality,




Thank you for your response. Can you clarify:

  1. Are saying adding customer type tags is not currently possible and you
    believe it should be? (thus, why you changed ticket to a “feature request.”
  2. How is this functionality related to CRM? I need the customer type tags
    for reporting(intelligence). You have a report by “customer type” but there
    are only 2 two current types.


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Adding my weight to this request. Was surprised to learn two days ago that you can define your own customer types.Adding this feature is pretty entry-level development work. Hopefully it happens quickly.



Apologies I mis-understood your message. In short, it’s not currently possible and it’s some we believe should be added, I tagged it as CRM as this functionality would need to be an addition to the relationships (CRM) section, and then propagated down to the reporting,




Hey Jim,

Appreciate the vote for this functionality, customer requirements/demand helps us understand and weight our prioritization when planning our roadmaps,

Definitely agree that technically this is a small-mid sized project. However, whilst this is definitely an area we will look to improve there is also the opportunity cost for all other improvements we’re making to the various parts of our core product, of course will endeavour to priortize this,




Understand the software feature prioritization challenge well. However, my point on exposing the data is that this at least gives a reasonable workaround to overcome reporting deficiencies … so I have a solution all be it less desirable than having a report available online.


+1 from me
Totally agree. We’ve been using tags as an intermediate solution, but they are not available for reporting or exporting, so it doesn’t make sense using them…


Hi - is there any update in adding customer types or making tags available in reporting? Categorization of customers is pretty essential for basic reporting. Ideally customer tags could be added via the relationship upload.


+1 For making Tags available for Reporting + Export CSV…but each tag should get it’s own column - Otherwise it’s going to be useless.


+1 from me as well. Tags should be available for reporting…otherwise what is the point?