CSV download for use as Excel Pivot Table source data


Hi, Adam,

We suggest that you try using Intelligence Beta. If that doesn’t work for you, would you mind elaborating on what data you hope to extract and what the business scenario / use case you are trying to implement?


Evgeny / Product Manager.



Thanks for your response.

Intelligence Beta gives reports with one dimension, e.g sales by variant,
sales by customer.

We want to look at sales by product by customer and do comparisons of sales
trends for products across our different customers. For that we need sales
data with two dimensions. Hence the request for a CSV.

Fields required for Invoice Detail Report:

Invoice #
Order #
Invoice Date
Date of Last Shipment
Customer Name
Bill To Country
Ship to Name
Ship To Country
Variant SKU
Product Name
Invoice Quantity
Unit Price
Invoice line total value


  • include custom lines e.g. shipping
  • provide a date filter. Initially we will want an “all history” report,
    then we will take data weekly.
  • this report is not very useful on screen: it is the source data for an
    Excel Pivot Table. We would use it in Excel, so a CSV is best.

Am I the only person who wants to get data out in CSV format? I would be
surprised if so…
Let me know your thoughts on providing this facility

Adam Maclean
Edel Immersys

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Got it, Adam. Thank you, and we’ll see what we can do.

One question, however, why would it be more useful to crunch the numbers in Excel, instead of us delivering some invoice-based BI functionality right within TradeGecko?


Because I don’t think you are about to re-create Excel or Tableau within
TG! I would be surprised if that was in your product roadmap.

We want to combine the data with inventory reports from our customers
(distributors who hold inventory), so we can work out how much inventory is
in our channel. And we want to gain insight into their inventory
management performance.

Additional reports and functionality you build in are fine but you must
realise that TG is one of several connected systems we use and therefore
useful cross-functional reporting has to happen outside TG, or any of the
applications we use.

Hope that helps

Adam Maclean
Edel Immersys

Labor & Birth Pools - Safety by Design

Portable Birth Pools at www.birthpoolinabox.com


I agree with Adam on the need for a feature downloading all historical data enabling analysis in Excel pivot tables or Tableau. Even the new Beta BI feature doesn’t provide the flexibility we need. So much easier to quickly analyze in a Pivot table.


Totally agree with you Jim!
We have several similar requests posted earlier

Like this simple request for a report which tells us what we have invoiced (not only sold)

and this about sorting data

and this about using tags to sort data

and a report on groups of customers

Hopefully TG soon will understand the importance of reporting and intelligence.


I’m sure there is a desire to enrich the BI functionality native to Tradegecko. However I know that this will take time. In the interim how about providing an enhanced data extract capability if nothing more than down all history for a date range. That way we can do whatever we want and break the dependency on your dev cycle and feature roadmap.



Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll look into this.


I was about to submit a suggestion for an option to extract order details in a CSV file and it seems like I am not alone on this.

Customer A ordered X quantity of Product A, Y quantity of Product B etc
Customer B order X quantity of Product A, Y quantity of Product B etc
–> all consolidated in a CSV file.

It will be great if we can export data into CSV file for both the order details and relationship details.

Intelligence is just not good enough at the moment and I think the ability to have raw data in spreadsheet to perform our own analysis is important. Thanks.


No, I don’t have any experience with Tidy Stock. Was just taking a look at it though. We’re currently a Quickbooks Online user. It looks like Tidy Stock only supports Xero. Do you know differently?

The CSV download issue is frustrating for sure. My background is software development. So with an understanding that exposing a capability to download more data isn’t all that complicated, it’s all the more frustrating.


+1 this to keep the thread alive

How’s this going @evgeny? Do you understand why this is a very important feature?

A csv download of order data is makes it so that businesses can analyze their data in a way that suits their unique BI questions.

I have basic R programming experience, and would very much like to start developing a package built around Sales Order exports. But I don’t want to get started until it’s clear that TradeGecko is committed to providing export functionality.

One last thing, there is a “workaround” to this problem, which is to use the 3PL Exporter. The exports are similar to what I imagine the OP was asking for. It makes no sense that the same functionality is not found in the Intelligence Hub.


Hello Evgeny,

Paraphrasing adam.mclean; we would like to have a report that shows all sales by assignee and that we can see what was paid for and what was not… in a way that I can run ONE report showing all sales per assignee, that shows all transactions ending within a time frame, but not limited by the issuing date. Think of a bank statement.


Keeping this thread alive as well - i Use the 3PL exporter as a work around to the data export problem - But it is pretty option poor as well - I end up downloading data from 3pl shopify and quickbooks and writing formulas to analyze everything. Trade Gecko does such a great job with so many other things - why are the reports sooooo bad? Even the downloads you can get form the intelligence section are poor. If we could just get access to a sales report like the inventory export - something that just has ALL the information attached to it to download and analyze ourselves, that would be fantastic.


Any update on this TG? We’re all really keen to get CSV exports.


We’re requesting this too… for a number of reasons:

  1. Indeed the reporting functionality within TG leaves a little something to be desired. It’s just not flexible enough to satisfy the informational needs and therefore we’re “flying blind” on a lot of key data points.
  2. It’s looking like we’ll soon have to manually enter TG order information due to an integration that isn’t working properly, thus the .csv export of sales order information becomes absolutely critical.
  3. Put simply, it’s our data and our customers… Inventory and Relationship data is available for us to export and use as we see fit so why in the world is order data unavailable?

What’s the word here Trade Gecko?


+1 for this! Just give us ALL the data…please don’t pick and choose for us what will export.


It seem that this string “died” in May. It’s now August and we’re about to start using TradeGecko for a client that will need the ability to download ALL the data, create their own pivot tables/worksheets to analyze the data which is different than TG reports.

I’m confused why this is so difficult?



Thanks for reviving this string! I’ll highlight this to my product team and have them address this for all of us soon!

Thank you!


Thank you, this would save a tremendous amount of coding on your side, since each client can create their own report…


Hey Oscar, another month has gone by. Any update from the team about this? Thank you.