Creating "perfect" customer relationship data in TradeGecko


Here’s a process I implemented when I started using TradeGecko that has served me really well. It involves connecting up a bunch of apps and (paid) cloud services, but it’s saved me hundreds of man hours of work, and guarantees that scaling my business will never be held hostage by time-consuming data-entry tasks.

How do you enter Relationship data into TradeGecko? Have you ever considered letting your new customers enter it FOR YOU? Letting the customers do the “heavy-lifting” means you don’t have to, and it also eliminates potential errors from manual transcription of data. Here’s how I do it:

  1. I use the service Typeform ($25/mo) to embed a customer application on our web site. Customers fill out all of the details that I need to add them to my TradeGecko database (business name, first and last name, shipping and billing address, email, phone, fax, etc).
  2. Typeform passes that data via Zapier ($20 and up/mo) to an AirTable ($12/mo) base, which features column headings that perfectly match TradeGecko’s CSV template for bulk importing Relationships into the system.
  3. Every day or so, I export all new customers from AirTable and import the CSV back into TradeGecko. Voila!

Processing new customer data this way means that whether I receive 2 new customers or 200 on any given day, the amount time it takes me to add them to the system so I can begin generating orders, emailing invoices and accepting payments is exactly the same. It also means that billing information that syncs to Xero and the shipping information that syncs to ShipStation will ALWAYS be accurate — because the customer has entered it!

Pro-Tip: I’ve also added more functionality to this process that increases customer satisfaction and saves me time. Using Zapier, I’ve set up automated actions so customers are immediately contacted after submitting their application — with either a PDF of our price list if they are approved, or a request for additional information if they are not. Approved customers are also automatically added to our special retailer newsletter via MailChimp ($10/month).


Hi Ryan,

Wow! Thank you for sharing these great tips.

What a great hack! We’re really pleased to find that you have been able to connect other apps seamlessly with TradeGecko to further reduce precious time on admin work, while ensuring better accuracy with customer details.

We’re all about helping our customers scale their business, and really appreciate you sharing your experiences. Cheers!