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Intelligence is one of the main weak spots in TG. We have been struggling getting the correct numbers for several years. Sorting and reporting numbers which has been registered has to be seen as a core functionality of any logistic system. Intelligence is also a core functionality of running a business. Lack of numbers are lack of control. Lack of control is like walking in blind. It puts every business at huge risk.

This is an old issue which has been asked to be added here:

We’re paying commission to our sales team based on actual invoiced amount. Today it’s not possible to get a report of what has been sold/fulfilled in a specific periode of time as TG is using issue date and not fulfilled date as sorting criteria (even though fulfilled has been selected).

We’re in need of sales numbers of orders which has been fulfilled during a specific period of time for each assignee for each product type.

(Running reports through exporter is not an option as it’s too time consuming and too inaccurate.)

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Indeed, our invoice-based reporting requires improvement and we’ll be working on this in the future.

As a temporary workaround, your could use Intelligence Beta. It allows tracking of finalized profit per assignee, per product type.


Unfortunately Intelligence Beta is too limited to use, as we’re not able to do the proper sorting.
We have different commission on different products due to different revenue.


Do you have any workaround available?


Hi Cje,

Can you explain a little on your limitations with our Intelligence Beta and what you mean by sorting? We understand that it does not solve all of your needs, however as we are looking to have this section be the future of our reporting, we certainly would like to improve on it.


As stated in my first post; we need to filter invoiced amount

  • in a selected time frame when the amount was invoiced/fulfilled (not issue date)
  • for selected brands or product types
  • for selected assignee
  • (for selected groups of customers - which is yet not available)

Using Intelligence is not an option as the numbers include landed costs, VAT and issue date numbers.


Hi Priscilla
I see that “Product Type” has been made available in Intelligence Beta. That will help us a lot. Thank you.

But, do you know the time frame for when it will be possible to sort on invoiced/fulfilled date (and not on “issue date” only)? You know, running a sales report for October will exclude pre orders from earlier months, which will give wrong basis for sales men commission. So, date is a very important key factor when preparing reports.


We are having similar problems. Some of our customers put in orders months in advance which have to be entered into the system to reserve the stock and produce invoices. However, our parent company doesn’t consider them as sold until they’ve actually been shipped - which means all of the sales reports from TradeGecko are no good to us.

A way of choosing which date to use - the issue date, invoice date or fulfilled date - in either the global settings or in each report would be a massive improvement.


But, do you know the time frame for when it will be possible to sort on invoiced/fulfilled date (and not on “issue date” only)? You know, running a sales report for October will exclude pre orders from earlier months, which will give wrong basis for sales men commission. So, date is a very important key factor when preparing reports.

Would have been nice to see a time frame on this issue…


Still waiting for a feedback on this issue…


I need to add one more comment concern this issue.

Earlier this year we was supposed to send a sales report for 2016 to one of our customers. So we did. But our numbers didn’t match their numbers. After checking manually we found the missing invoices in TG, but we couldn’t get them in the report.

The reason is as follows;
If the SO is “issued” (or “made” as I think is a better word) in 2015. The goods are delivered in 2016 (for pre orders this is normal) and the goods are paid in 2017 it is no way TG are able to give us a turnover report with header information only. (Same thing happens if you’re registering a payment on the wrong side of the new year - or making an “update” to the SO as TG calls it).

SO is interesting in measuring sales activity but it doesn’t say anything about turnover.

It’s possible though to get an Invoice report but only with all the invoiced rows. Which is a report which is impossible to work with. Due to the extent of it. I’ve asked TG to include reports similar to SO report, but w/o any positive reply until now.

Again, as mentioned since 2014/15, not been able to get correct turnover is a major concern with TG.

(If this is issue is important to you, make comments, not just like, to keep the issue on top of the list)


An update to this issue;

TG made a 3PL report which is available for everyone and which we thought was good. But the numbers didn’t really match up. So after investigating we found that the report only included the sales invoices (not the credit notes/returns). We was a little bit surprised so we asked to have the credit notes included in the report as well. But unfortunately it was not that easy…

Support replied us that we have to be a premium customers to get a correct sales report.
I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true; if you’re not a premium customer you’re not supposed to get correct sales numbers in one report (not in two either, for that matter; a credit notes report is not available). I even asked for a confirmation that my understanding was correct, and it was…

So, by now, we’re still not able to get the numbers from TG as basis for commisson to our sales men, or kick back bonuses to our chain customers…

So, TG, I’m curious; what are your reasoning behind this?


Thank you for bringing up these issues, especially about the Credit/Notes not being part of sales reports, and about pre-orders not being part of the report until shipped instead of payment date. Good to have a heads up on these limitations.

Appreciate the info.


This flaw was new for us. Good to know. Thank you Cje.


We have a similar experience with ‘Bin Locations’, a function that actually was promoted to us before we signed up for this system … TG has implemented this into the system but with almost no functionality unless we sign up for a ‘premium account’ … which we never will do unless we see some major updates in the intelligence.


So, TG, I’m curious; what are your reasoning behind this?

Still waiting for a reply on this question from the staff…


Hi Cje,

Thanks for following up here - We really do appreciate you starting this thread and the responses here really do highlight that there is a need from several customers for more structure intelligence around invoice/fulfiilled date, as well as credit notes/returns in the platform.

Updating our Intelligence Reports is definitely something that is on our longterm radar here. It will require a huge overhaul by our Product team, and please rest assured that we are hoping to build out our Intelligence Section in the future here, however it isn’t on our immediate roadmap at the moment.

We welcome you to continue to share your feedback as it helps us start to outline priorities in how our product can continue to grow to meet the long-term needs of our customers.

With any comprehensive software platform with many moving parts and integrations, large-scale roll outs definitely require overhaul on many fronts to ensure that we can develop our platform to meet the broad needs of our customers.

Thanks again Cje!

Warmest Regards,


Dear Emily,
thank you for your reply.
One following up comment

What is TG’s definition of important or critical issues which need to fit into your short term roadmap?

You have updated the UI and added new features. Which are great. But, if core functionality is missing shouldn’t you put priority in those instead of adding new, less important, features?

I don’t know for you, but for most people running a business, geting a correct invoice report is a much more critical issue than geting an updated UI.

At least, while we’re waiting for your updated intelligence reporting which will give us correct, and not fantasy, numbers; making a 3PL report for credit notes/returns, available for all, will give us the numbers we’re missing. Then we can solve the problem by copying and pasting in XL. I guess, a 3PL report is not considered as a “huge overhaul” after all…?


Hi @tony, @pmb, @mars, and @Cje, this is one of the things at the top of our priority list and I would like to arrange a chat. If you have new feedback, it would be helpful if you could fill out this form ( and I will be in touch.
Clas, i’ve already reached out to to you so you don’t have to worry about the the form.


Well said Cje.

TG -> try explaining to your Auditor why your G/L say $X in sales and your billing platform (TG) say $Y.

It’s not a timing issue, it’s a reporting and failure to fully integrate with the accounting systems you say you do.

Case in point: If you Invoice an Order and then do a full refund, but the order was never paid, it still shows as open.

It isn’t open, the credit should have been applied to the invoice, netting ZERO. That’s what your accounting system will show!

I found the new Dashboard not showing orders invoiced but not shipped (wrong) and the legacy reports showing everything in sales revenue (even if not invoiced). You need to get some fully trained accountants (GAAP or IFRS, doesn’t make a difference because these are basic accounting issues) as part of your system analysis team!!