Can I change the default date on Purchase Orders?


Is it possible to create a new default for the"Stock Due" date that is used for Purchase Orders? Out business needs to reset it to the next day for every single PO we create instead of using the current week window. Just like you can set different payment terms for Sales Orders, can this be done for Purchase Orders?


Hey there moemic

Thanks for the question - at this moment, you cannot set a default date, what you can do is set the date for every Purchase Order and as long as you have not received it, you can edit the date if need be.

As every business would have different expectations for due dates for Purchase Orders, the best way would be to provide the ability to edit the date to your choosing for each order.



Im not sure I am following, are you saying nothing can be done we just have to change the date every time?

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Hi Moe

Yes, that’s correct - you would need to change the date on every new purchase order.


Has any further changes to this been made? Can we change the default stock due date on PO’s yet?