Bulk Invoice download (or add invoice ID as Sales Order column)


Add “Download Invoices” to Bulk Actions menu on the Sales Order page. This is already do-able when batch creating invoices but for whatever reason TradeGecko does not make this functionality available if the invoices have already ben created.

Alternatively, add Invoice # as a column on Sales Order page would help out a lot.

Why is this feature important?
Invoicing is the most critical aspect of any business.
In order to see the invoice information for multiple orders, the user has to manually open and view each order. This is a major time suck (and bandwidth suck).
We are encountering a major pain point in our use of the QuickBooks integration since QuickBooks invoices only contain the Invoice #, but not the Sales Order #. As such, it is very time consuming to figure out which QuickBooks invoice is associated with each order.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
We’d know what invoices are associated with orders without having to manually open each order.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
TIME KILLER and increased chance of error / poor customer service.


I realized immediately after posting this that invoices can be bulk downloaded in the Invoices tab (duh)


Would be great if you had this selective bulk function to export to csv