Bulk Import into different Locations



I am adding another department into TG and would like to import their products in a different warehouse. I can’t define this in the product import template, is there a workaround?

Thank you!


Hey @defendulov,

Are you looking at importing new products into TradeGecko, but assigning stock in another location (not your primary location)?



I wanted to import new product to a location different to the default one.

The workaround is to go to settings and change the default location to the one you want to import in.


Hey @defendulov,

That is right, at the moment, you are unable to assign stock to a separate location (other than Primary Location) upon product import.

The best recommendation would be to import products as per normal, and then conduct a Stock Transfer to the specific location.


Hi, @Ezzati,

This is not the best recommendation, because it will take ages to stock transfer 500 newly imported products…

The best recommendation is to play with the primary location.