Batch image uploader that matches images to products based on file name and sku


We’re about to add a few dozen new products to TradeGecko, which translates to manually uploading about 150 images (one for each sku). I’m looking at another 90 minutes of the most mindless work I’ve performed in my adult career.

Brandboom does a fantastic job automating this trivial task.

This is a screenshot of the button for auto image matching in Brandboom.

The same day we signed up for Brandboom, we uploaded our entire product line and matched the images in 2 minutes. It felt good.

Why is this feature important?
Uploading individual images to TradeGecko is a mind numbing waste of time. It feels bad.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
Whenever new products are added, we will use this feature.
This feature will be used for adding images to products.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?


Hi Brian, Are you saying this program was able to load images into TG? Or are you just suggesting the feature to TG? We are certainly in need of some bulk image uploading support.


@hotapple – Unfortunately it’s just a suggestion. TradeGecko’s image management functionality is light years away…


Doesn’t look like there has been much action here. :o(

I have over 9,000 SKUs, mostly with the same images (just many size variations). This is going to take me for-ev-er.


It sure will. I’ve been putting it off since first posting this topic, over a month ago…


Hi @brian,

We appreciate you sharing this feature request!

We understand how convenient it is having a way of bulk uploading your images, this is actually something that a lot of our customers are looking forward to having. We have submitted this request to our product development team however, we won’t be able to provide any estimated time frame when this will be available since this is not on our roadmap as of the moment. That said, if you would like to bulk upload your images we can definitely help you on the backend. I’ve created a ticket for you and will reach out to further assist.

I will also reach out to you @amanda regarding your image upload.

Have a great day!