B2B - zonal shipping rates for international clients


We do global wholesale for our customers. We need to be able to specify the shipping on a country by country (or at least region by region) basis. I notice on Trade Gecko B2B you can only specify one flat fee to be applied in whatever the default currency for the relationship is. However, that would cause an issue for us as we need to be able to add the right shipping cost for the delivery country selected. Is there a way to specify delivery cost by customer or country in B2B?


Hi Katiel,

Thank you for writing in. You are right, currently we only allow flat shipping rate. We are looking into improving this and are currently in progress of implementing Zonal shipping rate based on region which should be released soon. For time being please continue editing the sales order to include shipping rate per sales order.


Please can you let me know when zonal shipping is ready? We will start using B2B once this is set up I think although I still have a problem with customers not being able to pay immediately for the orders when using TG B2B
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HI Katiel,

Absolutely. We will notify everyone once it is ready!