B2B - Show Available Stock When "Keep Selling Past 0" is Selected


Hi there lovely TradeGecko people!

We import bikes and need to allow our dealers to be able to quickly see available stock but also put in orders for more stock that they know will go on back-order. If we enable “Keep Selling Past 0” available stock shows as infinite in the B2B console.

It won’t be scalable to make all of our back-orders manual order entries, nor is it workable to not show our dealers how many of each bike variant we have available for immediate shipping.

Please allow it so “Keep Selling Past 0” can be enabled while still showing stock available.




Hey Phil,

Thanks for reaching out! I believe we discussed about this previously in a ticket. As mentioned before, having Keep Selling Past 0 enabled and showing stock available is not available currently, but if there are any changes, I will definitely give you an update.

A workaround would may be to include the stock availability in the Product Description.


We have the exact same issue. We need to be able to show stock value AND keep selling activated. Right now we dont use the b2b portal because this isnt available!


We will also be having the exact same issue. Our customers send us orders with what they want to get and then we communicate what we can send right away, back order, or cancel. We need the customer to be able to communicate what they want to order through the B2B portal, whether or not the units are currently available in TradeGecko.


For us this is a vital attribute that needs to be added asap. One of the main reasons we are using Tradegecko is the B2B feature, our customers find it very useful to check the stock levels before they place urgent orders. At the moment we have instructed them to place the urgent orders online and the backorders by email or phone. Adding this feature will improve productivity and sales.