B2B portal inventory source


It seems the current B2B portal can only pull from one inventory location. We need the ability to have “fallback” and or “total” inventory across all locations available to our B2B customers to order from. Is these a work-around?

Really my goal is to allow B2B portal customers to order instock inventory AND inventory that has not arrived yet… and I thought I could accomplish that by creating a “Incoming” inventory location as a bucket.

And yes, I have “hide sold out items” on… so they cannot see items that they cannot buy. I need to keep that active since we do sell out of current products all the time. I am specifically wanting to add NEW items that are still in production and won’t arrive for a few weeks (without actually receiving these new items into inventory co-mingled with our “real” inventory that pushes to our balance sheet)


Hi Marc,

In short - yes you can!

You can have your the B2B portal pull from all inventory locations by going to B2B eCommerce > Settings and Selecting the “All Locations” from the Stock Location Fallback.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your quick and helpful reply. I am trying it out now… I see
it will work, but I just need to ensure I exclude that location from any
inventory value/quantity reporting! (and delete any accounting integration
entries receiving that PO creates). Appreciate all your help.

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