B2B > Minimum order quanity for order, not only per product



The MOQ makes it possible to set a minimum per product/variant. But we need to set a minimum per order. For example a minimum of €250. Right now its possible for b2b customers to order 1 product.

Why is this feature important?
Because we only accept orders with a minimum value.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
Once an order is placed with a low order amount we need to decline the order, notify the customer to place a new order. This is very unfriendly and time consuming.


I second this. Total order quantities need a minimum setting as well. Please TG organise this at your earliest convenience.


+1 from me too. More flexibility in setting MOQ is important.


Hi all, support for Minimum Order Value was released in late August.

You can now assign an MOV for each unique Relationship.