Associate customer to INV/Pick List footer


We have different kinds of retailers as customers. On one side some customers demand specific information to be present on forms like Invoice and pick list. On the other side we need to communicate differently with different customer.
In our previous server based ERP system we were able to associate a customer to a specific footer. A footer which include essential information for different customers.
Is it possible to add this feature in TG; associate customers to different “Additional Invoice Terms” or pick list footers?

Why is this feature important?
It will save us a lot of time (avoid manually changing the footer from time to time)
It will make our communication with our customers more predictable, flexible and better.

Please describe how you would use this feature:
Communicate differently with different groups of customers according to customer demand, our desires, and supplier/financial requirements.

If we do not work on this feature, how will this impact your business?
Spend more time on tweaking the system, instead of selling.
Problem fulfilling customer and supplier requirements
Less control of the communication, which might result in bad communication, which again gives us bad reputation.


I agree completely with Cje. While TG has is advantages it does need to be easily customized depending on the dynamics for each individual business. For example we have requested that one of the options should be that we should be able to customize the picking lists and have a column for sizes as well as quantities. TG’s answer is to add sizes into the SKU code or product description which as CJ has mentioned means that we spend more time on tweaking the system instead of actively selling and increasing both efficiency and revenue which is the whole purpose of selecting TG.

It is of paramount importance that we the option to add footers with client/customer specific information. There are some clients/customers with whom we may have alternative arrangements which fall outside the standard T&C’s and as Cje has clearly stated, any slight issue with respect to communication will be deemed by our customers as being a poor standard of service from our side. As businesses it is our responsibility to be effective and efficient communicators and our customers will either care nor have confidence in us if we advise them that the reason that we could not provide them with additional information on pick lists is because our platform of choice does not allow us to the option to do so.


Hey @Cje & @mass , thank you for the feedback! We do understand the value of having access to easy customisation to suit the needs of different businesses. As you’re looking at having specific information presented per customer, have you tried our Multiple Branding feature? This will enable you to create themes that can be assigned per customer; allowing you to have customised display of information (eg. customised footer, T&C) for different types of customers.


Hi Ezzati,

We hope that this email finds you well.

Many thanks for your email, the content of which has been noted.
While this is something that we would love to use, it is feature which is only available for subscribers to the enterprise package. One of the main issues with TG is the lack of customizable options and the feature which you are only offering to businesses who can afford to pay $799 per month, is actually something that should be available to all. A customer whom may currently be paying you $79 per month and who would need this feature, will not suddenly pay you $799 per month just to use it, as it falls out of their budget.

Perhaps TG should consider making options which allow you to customise the display of information available to all and not charge a premium for a basic feature. Unfortunately this will not win you any new business and may in fact deter your clientele to other packages who offer this feature as a standard.

I hope that you do not take this information in the wrong way, I respectfully request that you kindly forward this to the relevant development teams, as advise from and experienced senior manager whom has managed multi million pound businesses for over 30 years.

Kind Regards

Mass Rehman
Head of Operations
For and on behalf of Spartan Safety Ltd

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I agree with Mass
This have to be considered as a basic feature due to what competitors of TG provide.


I agree with Mass as well. I was under the impression TG was looking to provide a sophisticated platform to a wide variety of users and budgets.