Assign shipping fee based on order value or number of items added to order


It would be great if shipping fees could be automatically assigned to an order based on the order value, number of items ordered and even the country of the buyer. Having a grid that would allow the store owner to define which shipping fee to use for each scenario would be of tremendous help as we always have to go back and add the shipping fee manually if the customer did not meet the $1,000 minimum for free shipping. We also need to apply different shipping rates based on the country that the buyer is shipping to.


Hi Premiumjuicesamples,

Thats a really good suggestion and one we have heard before too! Shipping rates is something we’re working to improve within TradeGecko and we are already working on that for the B2B commerce platform.

When we do release this, I’ll make sure to update you!

Thanks and have a great day!


Same thing here. We ship free with orders over €250 vat included.
TG should be able to add a shipping fee under a certain purchase amout.


Hi Gianni,

Thank you for your feedback, rest assured Shipping rates is something we are working on, so do look out for the update. We will let you know when it is available.


We can fit a certain amount of units to a box (depending on the product), and each box then costs the same to ship. It would be really useful if we could setup a flat rate shipping per box that could be generated automatically depending how many items the customer adds.



Zonal Shipping with price and weight based rates has been released.