Allow oversell sync with Shopify to be turned off


Hi, I often use the same product that I want to sell to B2C in Shopify and also offer on wholesale in the B2B platform.

In B2B we take pre orders and ship when the goods arrive but in Shopify we want to ship only items in stock as the customers pay immediately (but still have the product visible as coming soon).
To be able to do this I need the sync between TG and Shopify to be turned off on “allow oversell”. Hoping this can be a feature in the near future as I have to constantly create 2 products of the same item as it is now-one being a composite product for stock levels to be correct. Too much work!


hi cecile, i think your problem might be solved easier: by the feature to allow overselling in TG’s B2B shop (only). we used to have the same issue like you - since we do not use the B2B portal anymore i didn’t ask for it here.

an advanced version of this feature request could be: toggle on/off “allow overselling” per sales channel. this way you could customize everything to your needs.


Hi, thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I do not understand the meaning/action of “toggle on/off allow oversell per sales channel” I think Tradegecko has to help with this issue?



What @make-limited means is controlling whether a product can be sold past zero for each sales channel instead of just having one setting for the product that applies to all sales channels.

We cannot use TradeGecko’s B2B portal without this feature.