Add a Warranty or Return form the client can complete


The TG site is great for ordering however we need options for a product warranty or return. I would suggest TG builds a client facing form to warranty or return products. This form will need different information and to attach pictures of the damaged or returned goods.

The form could also create a RA# (Return Authorization) and have an approval process.


Hi Sean,

That sounds like a neat request.

Would you be able to elaborate further on the key fields you would be looking for to help you with your process?

Also how would you like to integrate with your workflow? Would you want it to be processed as a return with a credit note?

This would help me to understand the request better.



To elaborate further;

we have a portal for ordering items however we don’t have a portal for when one of the items breaks or doesn’t work. An additional tab could be called “warranties” or Returns and allow the customer to fill in what is being returned, the serial number and why. This could create a new order to replace the broken item or a credit to the account with approval. The page would also need an area for uploading pictures, when something is not working we need some proof of purchase or transaction date by the consumer as well as a picture of what went wrong.