Feature Requests

Merge duplicated customers in Relationship (4)
B2B > Minimum order quanity for order, not only per product (5)
Search Sales Orders and Stock Control by Product (2)
Option to arrange line items on the Sales Order (6)
Xero - allow additional COGS accounts (3)
New App for production - Pack/Shipping on iOS/Android (3)
Sales Orders need to show products with size variances in tabular format (1)
Option to arrange line items on the Sales Order (1)
Add a Warranty or Return form the client can complete (3)
Feature Request to AVOID Duplicate Order Numbers (7)
Enchange method of adding variants to orders (2)
Stocktake improvement (2)
Save Stocktake Progress (6)
Can we opt out of the feedback pop ups? (3)
Batch image uploader that matches images to products based on file name and sku (6)
Free shipping on orders over a definable value (2)
Proforma Invoice (19)
Commit inventory for composite variants (2)
Tax on product (7)
Custom invoice (1)
Abandoned Cart Feature (1)
Extra Xero Ledger Account for Purchases (2)
Default product image (8)
Made to Order (3)
Select existing relationship as billing address (1)
Feature Request: Identify Duplicates in Products/Variants (2)
Bulk Edit Tags (2)
Mark Negative Value Invoices as "paid" (17)
Wholesale : Sale price (2)
Time it takes to load "Relationships" and "Inventory" (3)